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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 21, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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shoppers with a spending lit just in time for christmas. the big bank that just slapped millions of target shoppers with a spending limit. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. ann notarangelo is off tonight. chase bank issued cash and spending limits to debit card holders who shop at target during the company's recent security breach. meanwhile, don knapp tells us target is banking on a special discount to keep those customers coming back. >> reporter: jp morgan chase to protect customers and its own interests has moved to limit debit card purchasing power. customers calling chase heard this -- >> we are aware of the data breach at target stores. and we're monitoring our credit and debit cards to help protect you. >> reporter: chase customers who had shopped at target between november 27th and december 15th now have debit card daily limits of $300 for purchases and just $100 for
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cash withdrawals. >> through my credit union we didn't have any problems they said in our particular credit union. so not really worried right now. >> reporter: target's problems were a boon for sally. >> i was not here during that time but when they said 10% i came to target. >> for being a good loyal customer and you did come back but you didn't bring a credit card. >> no i brought cash because i'm still not sure. >> reporter: in the week target announced this thieves had stolen payment cardia that from as many as -- card data from as many as 40 million customers, the ceo said there was no indication that pen numbered were compromised -- pen numbers were compromise. >> if you see that contact your card provider or call us and we will walk you through that. >> reporter: some of the shoppers we talked with decided to forego the cards and just use cash. >> i actually used cash today specifically because i heard about this. so -- and i needed to buy some things and i didn't want to
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risk using my card. >> reporter: the 10% discount will continue through tomorrow. >> what is target doing though to reach out to the concerned customer? the one that's affected really. >> lots of concerned customers and we talked to them in fremont today. they're trying to reach the call centers and web seat and not having much luck. target says we're working on it and we'll fix the problems. >> until then 10% off? >> just until 3:00 tomorrow. there's a limit to everything. >> all right thanks. the fbi is calling it the perfect crime. worldwide, people are having their computer files, their computer files, taken hostage and the only way out is to pay an untraceable ransom. with a simple link to track a holiday package. click the link, suddenly files on the computer are encrypted and that countdown clock appears. >> this is a criminal operation. i mean, they're holding your files and folders ransom
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essentially. that's what it is you need to pay in order to be able to have access to them again. >> the only way to pay is through bitcoins. they're encrepted and there's no way to trace it. well, the first day of winter was a doozy for holiday travelers. ice is creating havoc on roadways across the central plains. the dangerous conditions are blamed for at least two deadly accidents in oklahoma. the storm has prompted warnings further to the east and some places could get a foot of know and that could mean lengthy delays at the nation's airports. sfo already starting to feel the effects of the storm when we checked the website. flights coming from boston and atlanta were an hour late and also delays for a few out of dallas and kansas city. oakland was busy today as you might expect and lines at the airport though weren't too bad. but few travelers ran into delays with the flights. >> our flight's delayed over an hour and we are going down to southern california for a
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holiday party and friend's engagement party. we probably won't make the event and we'll probably just cancel the flight and go back home. >> more than 95 million americans are expected to travel this week for the holiday. and it might come as a surprise to you there actually are problems across the country because when you've been looking at this it seems like an eternity. a big ridge of high pressure on the west coast but if you just whirl this to the east, look at that mess. it's a lean of showers and thunderstorms and even tornadoes that were reported near memphis today. and tomorrow all of this begins to move into the new england corridor and so that will create even greater travel hazards. combine the fact that you've got those strong storms moving into the northeast with the fact that it is frigid. that cold air is pouring into the northern third of the country and it will head farther south tomorrow. it's 5 below in north dakota and it's only when you get below the jet stream around new orleans and miami and in parts of the southeast that temperatures actually warm up but behind it that it frigid.
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you have the rain and freezing rain and ice and tornadoes. we'll have more forecast in amen. a little holiday gift for commuters. there's a b.a.r.t. deal. this morning b.a.r.t. and etc. unions reached a deal on the controversial family leave provision, b.a.r.t. has argued the provision was mistakenly included in the final contract. they are in terms of negotiating the table and hammered out the agreement and it includes new break rooms, expansion of paid timeoff and changes. >> we have a tentative grope that we're going to take to the members for a vote on the issues that were discussed. >> b.a.r.t.'s general manager put out a statement saying quote after eight months of uncertainty for our riders, this deal will guarantee that every ounce of the agency's focus will be directed to providing great service to the bay area during the peak holiday period and beyond. and there's also labor peace between a. c. transit and its bus drivers at least for
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now. leaders presented a tentative agreement to members today but whether it will be approved is still unclear. thedownon has already voted down two previous deals. leadership says it expects this one to pass because improvements to the medical plane. despite the hospital's incense tense she is brain dead. another doctor is supposed to evalwait her next week and as you know she was declared brain dead following tonsillectomy surgery. the hospital responded today by the way to an open letter from her mother saying quote -- d doctor dec jahi brain dead, the judge d order her to be removed from life support. sad news if the second doctor declares her brain dead the judge could then order her to be removed from life support. we have some sad news out of colorado tonight.
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a teen shot by a classmate in a denver area high school has died. 17-year-old claire davis had been in critical condition since the shooting at arapahoe high school on december 13th. police say another student karl pierson shot her at random at point-blank range. they say he was after a school librarian who escaped unharmed and pierson later kimmed himself. we now have a clearer picture as to when the nsa started tapping internet and phone records. documents declassified by the white house showed the program started shortly after the september 11th attacks. the december closures are part of the effort to justify the programs and the obama administration said it will consider making changes. two american astronauts took a risky spacewalk today to make some urgent repairs to the international space station. rick mastracchio and michael hopkins began repairs on a broken cooling system that's
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halted many scientific research projects, they remed a refrigerator sized faulty ammonia pump ahead of schedule. they were out for five and a half hours. >> hey houston only issue that i personally am having is it's very very cold. my toes are quite cold. >> the nasa later discovered that mastracchio's suit had walter in it. because he accidentally turned on a water switch. he's getting fitted for a new suit and monday's spacewalk has been pushed back until tuesday. its has been 25 years since pan am 103 exploded over lockerbie, scotland and 270 people died in that terror attack. and peter greenberg tells us a quarter of a century later the case is far from closed. >> reporter: today in the small scottish town of lockerbie, a solemn ceremony to remember the events that happened here 25 years ago. >> lockerbie was in flames as soon as the pan am jet hit the ground. >> reporter: on december 2 it's, 1988 -- 21st, 1988.
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lockerbie became the site of one of the biggest december asters in aviation history. -- disasters in aviation history. it exploded at 31,000 feet and 270 people were killed including 189 americans. >> it's hard to believe that a quarter of a century has gone by. and the family members still asking why. still asking what happened. >> reporter: victoria lost her husband and the father of their three children in the bombing. she has been demanding answers since the day it happened. when investigators determined libya was behind the bombing libya's leader muammar gadhafi offered the families a settlement. she within interested. >> he -- cut a deal with some of the attorneys saying how about a no fault settlement? let's offer $10 million per decedent. with a no fault settlement. so we can get the sanctions lifted. >> reporter: my understanding is most of those families took that deal.
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>> 269 out of the 270 families took that deal. >> reporter: except one. >> yes. >> reporter: you. >> that's right. >> reporter: her degrees delayed the entire settlement and put her at odds with other family members but she argued that too many questions remained unanswered just to intelligence officers were tried for the bombing of the bombing and only one was convicted. gadhafi's ouster and death in 2011 provided international investigators with a new opportunity to close the case. and this week, libya's new government assigned two prosecutors to assist with more arrests. by the way, victoria did eventually with gadhafi in 2006 after winning the right to sue him in federal court. the settlement though in that case is sealed. still ahead, a brazen diamond heist caught on camera. >> yeah how the thief tricked a california jewelry store into handing over an $85,000 haul. >> plus, sharpening up the
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stick for its final farewell. we will take you out on the field. ,,,,,,,,,, a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. bracelet.. after the store handed it to h a thief ran out of a southern california jewelry
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store with an $85,000 bracelet after the store handed it to him. it happened at a store in glendale. the thief poses as a customer and asked for a closer look at the diamond rolex bracelet. well, when the clerk unlocked the case and showed it to him the man grabbed it and ran. >> here at christmas time you know, kind of have it just there and so my dad -- right before christmas, tokened of you know gives a negative vibe. >> the robber is still on the run with that row legislation bracelet and -- rolex bracelet and the store is now requiring customers to show ed. a grounds crew is putting the finishing touches on candlestick park. brian webb was on the field today. >> reporter: monday night football is fast approaching. one last time in the national spotlight and candlestick needs to look good. >> what a beautiful job. pipe down. >> reporter: jose alvarez has been painting by numbers there for more than 30 years, and he has the pants to prove it. and he's proud of the work he
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does. >> if they can see it all over the world. my work but they don't know it's me. they don't know who does it. but now they do. >> reporter: a crew of only six grooms the bermuda grass from end zone to end zone and with a little help from the sun, they make this 50-year-old field look new again for every home game. >> prepare the field like -- like it was a championship game. every time. we didn't do it -- we don't do anything any different. >> reporter: but this isn't just another game. it might be the very last game. so everything is checked and double checked. from the stadium lights above to the toilets down below. >> 20 restrooms and we go through and kind of do a white glove test on everything. >> reporter: so it's the end of an era. all these hours and gallons of paint and career full of memories, jose is just a few stripes away from finishing for good. he's retiring right along with candlestick. >> you know i'm getting older so -- it's time for me to stop too you know.
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>> reporter: jose won't miss the stadium near as much as the guys who kept the stick looking sharp all these years. brian webb, kpix 5. >> our coverage of the farewell game starts ad 4:-- at 4:30 on monday and over on kpix 5. dennis o'donnell and allen martin will be at the stick. after the game stay tuned for the fifth quarter and then bye bye baby our special look back at candle stick. in san francisco, the annual toy giveaway for families in need is a long time holiday tradition at diploid. this year helped fund the cost of the event and joined in to help district the toys. glide received donations of nearly 8,000 brand new toys to give to needy children. people strolling on columbus avenue in north beach tonight got a holiday surprise. a living nativity scene outside of st. francis of assisi church. the event included the holy
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family, angels and shepherds and animals and it's put on by the knights of st. francis of assisi. all right, in the weather department tonight, the numbers are on the mild side. at least when you consider that we're getting into the latter third of december. temperatures right now are only in the 40s in much of the bay area. and in fact it's still 50 degrees in san francisco. and santa rosy after being in the upper 60s today is still near 50 degrees. that's the shot by the way it's down near milpitas. as we look at the numbers for tomorrow, we'll see them topping out in the mid 60s around the bay. the low 60s inland. and at the beach it will be near 60 degrees. so still a little bit on the chilly side but not for this time of the year. and as we look ahead to christmas day, it will be sunny and mild and santa claus will need sunscreen. 58 to 64 degrees the temperature range. and for this weekend, if you're looking for something to do it's kind of fun. sort of a tradition, the holiday ice rink at union square in san francisco. we're forecasting afternoon sunshine and a temperature of 61 degrees. boy look at that huge dome of
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high pressure. right there everything is going around the top. and it is hitting seattle. so you're getting some rain out in western washington and western oregon. but for us, it's just dried up before it even thinks about getting here and plunges over the top of the rockies, dry and mild weather all woke next week. in fact the computer models that go out a couple of weeks with some degree of accuracy and at least give you an idea and a large scale sense of what the atmosphere is going to do. there's nothing coming in. there's nothing between now and new year's day. at all that even suggests we might get rain. it looks like dry until the beginning of 2014. winter solstice was this morning. at 9:11. that manes more sunshine in more ways than one. the days will be longer. tomorrow's just a few seconds longer than today. in terms of daylight house. and no rain in sight and there's the headlines it's a dry week ahead. overnight lows tonight will be down to 35 in santa rosa. 36 at fairfield and 36 degrees at napa. 41 in san jose and 42 at mountain view. and here's how we look for
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daytime highs tomorrow. we're above average. about three to six degrees above average in parts of the bay area. tomorrow san francisco at 61. livermore will be at 62 and san jose 59 degrees. down in the south bay you'll start out with the beautiful sunrise tomorrow morning and then 63 at eastbound avenue and morgan hill. 63 for campbell andlos gatos. 59 degrees there. 64 at cupertino and 57 at half- moon bay and temperatures tomorrow in the east bay will be mostly in the low 60s. 62 at vallejo. 59 though at brentwood and 62 at livermore. pleasanton looks nice 61 tomorrow. up in the north bay we'll look at numbers in the my 60s to -- mid 60s to low 600s. up at the park 65 degrees. and petaluma. 65 degrees and 63 for nasa doe and 62 at sonoma. carbon dale hit 63 tomorrow and then # 6 at yucaipa. in the extended forecast, there's not one change in any
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of the weather' cons that we have to use. they are all sunnyside up for next week from sunday tomorrow all the way through next saturday. it's almost nothing but sun. we'll get a few high clouds from time to time. but why muddy it up? temperatures will be in the mid 60s for the most part. there's no huge temperature trend one way or another. overnight lows are not going to be the freezing variety that we had late lay. and so it just looks like a mild week ahead. and no rain in sight. we can use that for christmas stockings and we are not going to get it. >> right or snow. >> why no. they're dying up there yeah. >> when we talk about the last game at candle stick. not the usual weather that lot of fans have been used to. it's going to be nice. >> warmer for the game at candle stick on monday night then it has been often for the giants in the middle of the season playing at the stick. well still ahead. an ice some leaves a hawk prez -- storm leaves a hawk frozen in place but alive. ,,,,,, good. good answer.
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t family flew over like a lot of americans president obama flew home for the holidays. the first family flew overnight from washington arriving in hawaii early this morning. after a few hours rest, mr. obama went golfing in the afternoon. and the family is expected to stay in honolulu right through new year's returning to washington on january 5th. what this hawk wouldn't give for a trip to hawaii's sunny shores. check this out the winter storm that blasted oklahoma left the bird covered in a sheet of ice. the woman who found it thought it was a statue at first and then realized the hawk was actually alive but the wings were frozen and it couldn't
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fly. animal control officials examined the hawk is this realized it also had a broken wing. they're taking care of the bird and will set it free when it recovers. >> that's bizarre. that storm dumped a lot of snow on green bay, wisconsin. on the packers home stadium. lambeau field. so officials sent out a call yes the people are doing? these people all answered the call to shovel snow. 600 packer fans showed up and for $10 an hour, they just took to the shovels. >> well, you get the chance to get out and meet people. and you know get some good exercise. and enjoy the cold. >> actually i just moved to green bay and it's my first time. i never been to lambeau field and i thought it'd be a good experience. >> even somewhere vince is smiling. it took two days to get the field ready for tomorrow's game against the pittsburgh steelers this is the thing to do i guess in groan bay apparent. >> i. >> yes. showing up every year to do that huh? very cool $10 an hour too.
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>> i'm there. the stars try and dig their way out of a hole against dallas and the warriors dig the kobe-less lakers. the minute is next. ,, you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together
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is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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show tonight....silky start clock... no kobe, no pau gasol and no steve nash, no problem for the warriors against the late show tonight. silky start the clock. new look lakers, can you name any of the players? steph curry scored 18 points and hit four threes, the warriors pulled away from the lakers in the second half and beat them 102-83. stanford handed number three tennessee their first loss of the year. a huge game from chiney ogwumike. 32 points and 20 boards. stanford wins 76-70. the men had a chance to tie it at the buzzer and randall to
10:27 pm
send it to overtime. just a little short. michigan hangs on to beat stanford 68-65. the first time they met since 1959. division iii cif finals the pride sacred heart prep down in carson but too many turnovers for them. mason randall is picked off and returns it for a pick 6. the gators' dream season falls short. and saturday night on the ice, check out this little one during intermission doing the. presentations. doing 2-1 in the third. joe pavelski goes pack hand the tie it and sends -- backhand to tie it and sends it to overtime. in overtime joe thornton wins it 3-2. >> what's your favorite candle stick memory? it's going away. >> probably the press box suite. >> really? >> i would have to say -- >> really. >> anything in particular. >> probably the play to alex smith. to vernon davis. the catch two they were calling it against the saints. >> were you there for that? >> i was down on the field standing right there in the end zone. >> you're kidding.
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>> nice. >> thanks for watching, remember the news always on we leave you with the hawk. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,, ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality,
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tfrjts harbaugh uniform is catching on in florida. problem is footing in the nfc isn't as stable as his counter part. the 49ers are getting fat at the right time of year, and kaepernick's critics have long been blacked out. >> kaepernick really put on his cape. >> the falcons will try t


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